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Hoffland… leading the way in metaalrecycling. The large-scale implementation of metals causes an enormous amount of discarded scrap metal. Hoffland Metal recycling collects, separates and treats this scrap metal, such that it can be used as a raw material for new metals. During the recycling process the metals are separated from the other materials. Subsequently they are crushed and/or cut, so they can be offered as a raw material to the metal industry. The metal can be re-used this way for a whole new product. Hoffland Metal recycling carefully monitors this process.

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Working method

In order to collect scrap metal Hoffland Metal recycling have their own trucks and containers of various dimensions. These containers are available on demand.

In case the scrap metal does not fit in any container or the amount is such that cannot be processed by the supplier itself, Hoffland Metal recycling are able to process and reduce the scrap metal on site and shift the scrap metal with their own cranes.

Hoffland Metal recycling transport the scrap metal to their own processing facilities in Den Dolder. Over there the scrap metal is separated and processed, such that it can be offered as rawmaterial for the production of new metals.


Hoffland Metal recycling have the following certificates for transport, collection, trade and or mediation of indsutrial waste and dangerous substances: Metal Recycling Federation (MRF) Label and NIWO-VIHB subscription.