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Hoffland | Industrial demolition

Hoffland …leading the way in industrial demolition.
Due to technological or economic developments it occurs regularly that industrial production facilities have to be adjusted, moved or even closed. Each of these activities requires partial or full dismantling of factories, installations or equipment. This happens mainly in chemical industry, petrochemistry, tank storage, food and pharmaceutical industries and offshore industry.

Hoffland Industrial demolition has gained much knowledge and experience over the years and is happy to assist you with your project.

Are you interested? We are pleased to inform you about our working method in a personal interview.

Working method

Hoffland Industrial demolition will draw up a project plan before the start of a project.
The project plan contains of both a detailed description of all activities to be carried out and an extensive task-risk-analysis as standard.
After approval by the client the project will begin, starting with a kick-off meeting.
Toolbox and progress meetings will be held during the implementation of the project.
The projects will be carefully monitored by experienced foremen and regularly visited by our safety specialists. When the project is done Hoffland Industrial demolition and their client will draw up a certificate of practical completion together.


In order to perform industrial demolition Hoffland has four recognized certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, VCApetro and BRL SVMS 007.

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