Hoffland BV | Den Dolder - Industriële sloopwerken
Hoffland BV | Den Dolder | Industriële sloopwerken en metaalrecycling
Hoffland BV | Den Dolder - Industriële sloopwerken

Hoffland... leading the way in
industrial demolition and metal recycling

Hoffland is an advanced and renowned company, which offers solutions for both industrial demolition and metal recycling (trading and processing scrap metal) through a number of subsidiary companies. These activities mainly take place in the Benelux, Germany and other European countries.

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Modern demolition equipment

Hoffland has a broad selection of modern demolition equipment, e.g. hydraulic cranes (with an own weight of 15 up to 60 tons). These come equipped with the most advanced scrap shears, sorting grabs, hydraulic breakers and pulverisers. Hoffland can offer transportation for their own equipment, as well as containers, forklifts and bobcats. Hoffland’s employees are well educated and highly skilled professionals, who are passionate about their work. This is the reason why Hoffland is able to carry out all projects with their own staff and equipment.

Craftsmanship and many years of experience

Hoffland was founded more than fifty years ago. It is a family business that stands out in terms of years of experience, quality, specialisation and craftsmanship in the field of industrial demolition and metal recycling.

Fully certified

Hoffland gives high priority to safety, health, well-being and the environment, meaning that their implemented systems are fully certified according to the (international) ISO 9001, ISO 14001, VCApetro, BRL SVMS 007 certificates and the Dutch Metaal Recycling Federation (MRF) quality label.

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